PETER RABBIT 2 – The runaway


June 18, 2021.

From Neptune

PETER RABBIT 2 – The runaway **

Doesn’t everyone love Peter Rabbit? We definitely did when the first in this franchise was released in the spring of 2018, in those light-hearted years before Covid. I then gave him *** 1/2 and wrote this in the intro: “Everything is fine with the world as long as we get films like this that make us feel as high as a dragon, warm in our hearts and so optimistic . “As Peter himself.“ It was a stimulating pleasure for children from 4 to 94 years old.

This second one isn’t quite that. The stars are the same (Rose Byrne and Domhnall Gleeson), the format is still live actors with animated animals, and Will Gluck is still the director, so what’s missing? As usual, the script, the backbone of any movie, has to be the culprit. Although it has extended Peter’s antics to city life and the cheeky temptations lurking there, it tries too hard to be both cute adventure and worthy morals, and Gleeson’s (son of the great Brendan) uptight character is more goofy and angry this time around.

It will be good for the kids who may not care about artistic quality and who enjoy these lovable, fluffy creatures so much, so check it out with them at Cine17, the only movie theater shown in its original English version.

UN TOUR CHEZ MA FILLE ** 1/2 (from French)

This French comedy is a nonsensical parody of the family, but forgivable due to the presence of the super talent Josiane Balasko, who has worked in both film and theater since 1973 in addition to her career as a screenwriter, director and writer. She was part of La Troupe du Splendid, which included Thierry Lhermitte, Gérard Jugnot, Christian Clavier and Michel Blanc, who became famous in the late 1970s with their hilarious “Les Bronzés” films.

Nominated seven times for a César and won twice, she has illuminated countless roles, such as “Trop belle pour toi” in 1989 with Gérard Depardieu; “Gazon maudit” from 1995, which she also wrote and directed and played a lesbian truck driver alongside Alain Chabat; or a very restless mother in François Ozone’s great 2018 “Grace à Dieu”. In nearly a hundred films, she alternated between small roles and leading roles in comedies and dramas, always true to her characters.

Like here in this thread about a difficult mother who came to see her married daughter while her apartment was being renovated. There are all sorts of mishaps and misunderstandings in the style of a French farce, so that ends well, so obviously. It’s an easy moment full of fun with experienced players like Mathilde Seigner and Line Renaud as daughter and grandmother. And once again Balasko rises above everything.

Excellent **** very good *** good ** mediocre * poor – no stars

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