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They wouldn’t walk down a street and show a large wad of cash – that would just mean trouble. However, if you work on a computer that is not properly secure, you are doing the same thing: you and your company are exposed to attack. With more than 2,200 daily cyber attacks worldwide – averaging $ 200,000 per successful attempt – companies need to protect their data more than ever.

Tentacle, a Plano-based infosec startup, aims to help them by changing the way companies assess their security and manage their data with an “innovative, efficient, reliable” technology platform launched this week.

Tentacle says its highly configurable data management and security assessment tool can help organizations build and manage the status of their information security programs. The platform focuses on modernizing, optimizing and connecting key stakeholders and the details of their respective infosec programs.

“We’re not solving a new problem. And it’s by no means a secret that the valuation area has been terribly inefficient, “Tentacle founder and CEO Matthew Combs said in a statement. “The market we are entering is starving for innovation and the benefits of today’s connected technology. What we solve is omnipresent and growing. We’re not just trying to help thousands of companies, we’re trying to help millions of them. “

Matthew Combs, founder and CEO of Tentacle [Photo: Tentacle]

At, companies will be able to capture, structure, and selectively present the details of their information security program with “far greater efficiency and effectiveness,” the company said.

The bonus is what organizations do will Be able to leave behind: the usual practices of spreadsheets and redundant information requests. With Tentacle, companies can manage their own infosec program while effectively managing shared third-party projects. Tentacle says its platform can do this with “a streamlined, real-time assessment approach.”

Optimized security assessment for all parties

Companies don’t operate in a bubble. You are constantly interacting online with customers, clients, suppliers, partners and more. Even if an organization has robust security of its own, connecting with other companies can open it up to vulnerabilities.

Therefore, the safety assessment is a critical mission.

“Most of the time, when two companies want to partner or work together, they want to make sure they’re both safe,” Combs told Dallas Innovates. “To do this, one will usually rate someone else. Assessors can be any organization that works with third parties or suppliers and shares data with them. Vendor security is a critical component of any company’s information security strategy to ensure that risks are mitigated. “

Tentacle says its tool is streamlining the safety assessment process for all parties. For assessors, Tentacle enables them to request and receive information from their third parties “with ease”. Assessment requests and responses can be easily centralized and sorted based on question responses, criticality, and security frameworks.

Companies that are being assessed can save time by releasing answers to security questions that have already been answered, attaching required documents and only updating them when necessary. Questions answered for an evaluation are automatically saved in the platform for future evaluations of other partners.

“Tentacle is a tool that enables any business to more effectively manage all of the information and details related to the work they do to secure their networks, internal operations, and everything else related to information security,” Combs told us.

Boston area growth stock company sees the threats

“The daily threats to all of our systems are only increasing rapidly – regardless of your company,” said Peter Troost, managing director at PSG, a growth corporation in the greater Boston area, in the statement. “Especially for PSG, our ability to ensure that our 70+ portfolio companies take the right steps to protect themselves is critical not only to our investments, but also to the continued growth and safety of every partner we join invest. ”

Combs checked us through some of the potential threats.

“There are numerous cybersecurity threats posed by nefarious actors such as ransomware, phishing, data leaks, hacking and malware,” said Combs. “For companies that exchange data and information with third parties, it is imperative to ensure that all parties have a solid security position.”

The advantage of tentacles: efficiency

Combs said a big differentiator of the Tentacle platform is that it doesn’t have to reinvent the safety wheel every time.

“Unlike other solutions, companies using Tentacle can put an end to the repetitive work of answering the same security questions over and over,” he said. “In addition, through our ‘tentacles’ we offer companies the opportunity to network with one another in order to exchange such information in real time. To be sure at a certain point in time is nice. To be safe at all times is what adequately protects a company. “

Safety assessors also receive an efficiency advantage.

“Assessors can easily organize data, information, security responses and assessments on one central platform,” said Combs. “In contrast to other solutions, companies that stay connected have constant insight into the security situation of their partners and can stay up to date on all changes.”

Combs said Tentacle’s platform will work for “any organization that cares about information and data security and wants to use industry best practices to ensure their operations are always protected.”

He said it is also suitable for companies that need third-party assessments to ensure the security of their entire cyber ecosystem, and those that are trying to build and manage their information security program and need to conduct security assessments to win more business.

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