Post-Holiday Crypto: Unwrap the Season



Of course, you can’t ‘unwrap’ your crypto over the next vacation – but there’s still a lot to look forward to. Over the past few years, crypto has been a hot topic among households and increasingly in mainstream media reporting. As 2021 draws to a close, let’s dive into the latest news from major crypto tokens.

Holiday specials: dips to lean on

Many of the best cryptos face small dives and minor shipwreck as expected during the holiday season. Many large players are absorbing losses or taking profits before the start of the new year, and while new investors and those less familiar with crypto may see red flags, those who have been in space for a while. times might see ‘green flags’ all around.

Many crypto veterans suggest now might seem like a good time to ‘buy the downside’. If you’ve been following Bitcoin throughout the past year, in April it was worth around $ 7,000 fast forward to 2021: it’s now worth $ 48,000.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

Whether you own a crypto or not, you are probably familiar with bitcoin, the coin that has caught the attention of the general public and is the “godfather of crypto”. Nowadays, it’s pretty much taken for granted for anyone to hold it or even watch it.

Bitcoin has continued to be a top dog and has opened many doors for cryptocurrency in the eyes of the mainstream media. With strong support from companies like Cash App and growing acceptance from federal agencies (like El Salvador), this coin continues to impress and hold the # 1 spot.

Even when other countries have banned or prosecuted bitcoin, it only seemed to make the popularity even greater in the end. This holiday season we have seen poor performance, but the road is still bright.

Etherum is lead of the blockchain and is used for purchase of NFTs and ETH-USDT on

Ethereum is second on the list in terms of market capitalization – the crypto widely regarded as a leader in DeFi and NFT tools, but with significant fee issues because blockchain works at scale. With the rise of NFTs and their popularity, Ethereum has gained the upper hand over many – but altcoins have performed exceptionally well in 2021 as they look to gain traction and nibble ETH’s market share, d ‘especially as the altcoin chatter escalated as the 2021 Holidays entered and become the New Year.

Nonetheless, Ethereum continues to grow and reach milestones over time as it is the primary responsible for many Layer 2 bock chains and thus owns the final chain for many other major cryptocurrency players.

It’s always wise to examine this piece and see the beauty behind it, and how it’s not something to be taken lightly as 2022 kicks off, as we wind down the holidays to close 2021.

There are a number of altcoins looking to gain traction, such as Cardano, Storm X, Shiba Inu, and Hedra Graph. Overall, 2022 continues to seem like a pivotal year for cryptocurrency and could contribute and help shape the way we use our economy and the web over the next 10-20 years.

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