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are common in 2022 as hackers get past the security measures of tech companies and even government firewalls. If pesky online prowlers can break into these seemingly secure organizations, amateur script kiddies can easily steal the average web surfer’s personal device information.

One way to maintain your web anonymity is to use a virtual private network (VPN), but each service has its strengths and weaknesses, so you should choose a provider that supports . For example, if you’re a head of household or a small business owner who needs to secure multiple phones and laptops, FastestVPN might be worth considering. For now you can with code VPN20.

Using FastestVPN is like accessing the internet in stealth mode, allowing you to browse the internet privately on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Smart TVs. FastestVPN offers 200+ servers worldwide with no bandwidth restrictions, so you can access websites and content from other countries or connect to American streaming services abroad with just a few clicks.

FastestVPN offers several helpful security features. Its servers use 256-bit AES encryption, while users enjoy a built-in NAT firewall, malware protection, and handy ad blockers. FastestVPN also has a kill switch that stops internet traffic if you lose connection to its servers to prevent your information from being exposed. Finally, the company claims that it doesn’t log your activity, so if one of its data centers is breached, your IP address should remain private.

Using the internet without a VPN could leave you vulnerable to ad trackers, data leaks, and even government snooping. FastestVPN offers tools that can obfuscate your online activities. Lifetime subscriptions typically cost $1,200, but you can by using code VPN20 at checkout.

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