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In recent social media announcements, PUBG Mobile permanently banned over 3.8 million accounts in about 7 days. They shared a full anti-cheating report with the various levels of players who were banned from cheating / hacking June 18-24, 2021. The players whose accounts have been banned will not be able to access the game. The main reasons for the ban were: modification of the character model, other hacks and speed hacks / X-ray vision.

The maximum number of bans came from the crown level, while the lowest was seen in the conqueror level. The officials also shared the types of hacks used by the players that resulted in their account being suspended. The largest percentage of these players was found through modification of the character model.

According to the latest anti-cheat report, which includes the June 18-24 data, PUBG Mobile has banned a total of 3,884,690 accounts from accessing the game.

The numbers are up massively compared to last week’s anti-cheating report. PUBG Mobile is one of the leading battle royale mobile games developed by Tencent Games. The developers believe in fair play games and therefore work strictly to ban the players who cheat or hack.

With every game developed, we always see hackers and scammers compromising the nature of the game. PUBG Mobile has a no-cheat policy and introduced the Ban Pan anti-cheat system in late 2019, which banned the use of third-party hacks.

In the most recent anti-cheat post, the officers announced the distribution of ranks prohibited by the team. Below is the list of blocked accounts.

  • Bronze – 12%
  • Silver – 5%
  • Gold – 5%
  • Platinum – 11%
  • Diamond – 23%
  • Crown – 28%
  • Ace – 15%
  • Conqueror – 1%

The official also disclosed the type of hacks used by these players. The majority of them were caught modifying the character model (67%), the X-Ray Vision Hack was used by 8% of the banned players, 12% used automatic aiming hacks, while 2% made modifications in the area of ​​damage. Speed ​​hacks were used by 8 percent of these accounts, and 3% used other types of hacks.

Currently, PUBG Mobile has prevented millions of accounts from using unethical means such as hacking or fraud. The team will continue to work to ensure fairness in the game in the future.

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