Queen Elizabeth only answers her personal phone when those two people call her (photo + video)



We can hardly imagine Queen Elizabeth with a cell phone, and the truth is that not only does she have it, but how she uses it.

Photo: EPA

In fact, closest experts have found that, despite the years, he is very familiar with new technologies and even social networks. But like everything that has to do with the Queen’s security, her cell phone is also under close surveillance and is particularly protected against hacker attacks.

As the expert on royal affairs, Jonathan Cesardotti, revealed, the British secret service MI6 made sure that “nobody can hack this phone” and that it is the ultra-thin model of “Samsung”.

Elizabeth’s cell phone is one of the most modern in the world, her personal assistant is responsible for regularly charging it, and she only receives calls from two people. However, if you think that Prince Charles and the restless Prince Edrew are among them, you are wrong. Elizabeth only answers two people on her personal phone, it is her daughter, Princess Anne, and one other person who is likely to surprise you.

Photo: EPA

– The two people she communicates with the most are her daughter Princess Anne and the horse racing manager John Warren. Wherever she can reach the queen, she will always call – said Saserdotti.

It was also recently rumored that the Queen has a secret Facebook account, but this does not need to be confirmed yet.

However, he is known to have learned to send messages and make video calls, and when the coronavirus pandemic began, he mainly communicated with family members.

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