Robin Lord Taylor talks about the new role of organized crime and being part of the Law & Order multiverse


Robin Lord Taylor is no stranger to the Law & Order franchise and has appeared in several of the franchise’s main series. Now, Taylor is back for a new recurring role on Law & Order’s latest spin-off, Organized Crime, as hacktivist Sebastian McClane. Taylor made his debut in last week’s episode, and fans are excited to see what else he’s up to and how he fits into the back-and-forth between Elliot Stabler and Richard Wheatley. got a chance to chat with Taylor about his new role and his affiliation with the Law & Order multiverse, starting with who Sebastian is and what kind of Robin Hood complex he has.

“Yes, very much so. He was honorably discharged from the military and went into data systems, and then through personal family tragedy he found himself essentially a hacktivist,” Taylor said. And then he hacked big banks, big financial institutions, and then distributed the money to random people out there in the world who needed it. So yes, he became sort of a legendary Robin Hood character on the internet, on the dark web.”

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Sebastian has used some of these tools to do positive things such as: B. Pay off student loans, but the method and an accidental death got him to this point.

“It’s the method, and then also, I mean, and we investigated that in the episode last week, we learned it resulted in the death of a security guard because of his hacktivism,” Taylor said. “And that’s why he ended up being convicted and jailed, which is one of the main reasons besides the financial crimes he committed.”

“Essentially, he is a tragic character. He’s a good, good person and because of the hardships he went through, he didn’t make it,” Taylor said. “He’s in a really bad place. It only takes a psychotic villain like Richard Wheatley, played by the incomparable Dylan McDermott, to bring him out of prison and back into the world.”

Due to his new relationship with Wheatley, he’s now directly in Stabler’s sights, but just because he’s in Wheatley’s circle doesn’t mean he’s looking for the same things, and he has his own way of dealing with Wheatley at the end.

“He very much is. He is a good man. He’s not like Richard Wheatley. He’s not cynical. He believes in people, so like you said, he’s caught right in the middle,” Taylor said. “Because Wheatley got him out of jail, he has to answer to Wheatley. But at the same time he is a very smart person himself. So he and Wheatley use each other and do this really, really fun dance. Both need each other, but don’t necessarily trust each other either.”

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Taylor loves working with someone like McDermott who really loves this villainous role. It’s a type of role that Taylor knows well from his Gotham days as Oswald Cobblepot (aka Penguin), and now he’s on the other side of those scenes.

“Yeah, it’s really fun. Again, working with Dylan is just great. He has these just delicious scenes where he comes into play and he has the confidence of a super villain. He just has this thing,” Taylor said. “Ever since my years in Gotham, it’s just been so much fun to be on the other side and watch the bad guy come in to mess things up and make waves. It was just an amazing experience.”

The organized crime team also has its own hacker and tech guy in Jet Slootmaekers, and we wanted to know if we can look forward to more back-and-forth between them as the series progresses.

“Well, I mean yes. I can tell, as you saw in the last episode last Thursday, when you say Sebastian McLane, she says ‘Constantine’. She knows everything about him. There’s just a real respect that people have for Sebastian and what he was able to do,” Taylor said. “Not just in terms of the generosity and charity of everything he’s done. It’s also just that he’s a genius at writing code. I don’t want to say too much, but of course I think Jet knows all about him. So there’s some fun stuff to come.”

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Previously, Taylor has been a part of Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU and now Organized Crime, but Taylor added that while this is “the third show” he’s been on, “that it is actually my fifth time in law and order multiverse, number five.” This time around, however, Taylor will have a recurring role on the series, as opposed to one-episode arcs, which he couldn’t be happier about, and will be filming in New York the experience even better.

“In general, organized crime, it’s not procedural because the episodes aren’t self-contained. It’s all straight through. That in and of itself is different this time around,” Taylor said. “I mean, I think it’s so much better because it’s my first job in New York City, where I live. There are crew members who worked on Gotham who are working on it. There’s nothing better than a New York crew. There is nothing like the people out here that I can work with. That was probably one of my favorite things about this job and that it’s easy to be back in New York and working with people and working with some people that I was with in Gotham. It’s just great.

Those who watch Law & Order know that the franchise has changed quite a bit lately, and now the original series is returning and could offer even more crossover opportunities. Taylor simply enjoys being a part of this Law & Order multiverse and couldn’t be more impressed with the amount of work that went into making it all happen.

“I take my hat off to the ADs who plan these schedules,” Taylor said. “Coordinating all of these things is just wild, and then doing it during a pandemic as well. I mean it’s really remarkable what they’re doing. And the fact that they’re able to have hundreds of people working quietly and safely working safely, that’s just an incredible achievement. Of course, the crew gets to play on both shows, so everyone’s like, oh, we’re going to SVU. It’s just very exciting. I do not know. It feels like some sort of multiverse. It really does.”

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Fans will be seeing more of Sebastian in tonight’s new episode, with Taylor teasing what might be in store for us.

“Wheatley uses McLane to get what he wants, and McLane uses Wheatley,” Taylor said. “He has things he wants to take care of. He carries a lot of guilt for what happened to the security guard who died as a result of his actions. He has things in his life that he needs to address. And so, he and Wheatley will continue this dance. We’ll see how their relationship changes, I think that’s really what we’re getting at with this. Also the amazing Tamara Taylor who plays Angela Wheatley, she’s coming back. She and McLane also date each other. He gets to know the whole family.”

You can catch the new episode tonight when it airs at 10:00 p.m. EST/9:00 p.m. CST on NBC.

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