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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Decentralized international hacktivist group Anonymous released the second round of its defeat of a Chinese government tourism promotion website, including Taiwan’s national emblem “Tank Man” and Winnie the Pooh, early Friday (October 1).

On Thursday (September 30th), Reddit user “Allez-opi_omi” uploaded links to 10 pages that Anonymous had created on a website for the China Cultural Center. At 12:01 pm on Friday morning, the Anonymous representative published “Round 2” with eight additional links to content that was posted on the Chinese government’s platform.

According to Allez-opi_omi, the pages were uploaded to a backend server with the URL Anonymous told Taiwan News that it had exploited exposed standard password credentials to hack the server and upload the rogue files.

The top five links to the new malicious content are marked “Tiananmen”. The first link reveals the iconic Tankman photo taken during the Tiananmen Square massacre.

The second link shows the photo with the text “If you’ve just started a game and you’re trying to find out how strong your character is.” The following three links open to recreations of the photo in various video games.

(Anonymous image)

The original iconic photo of Tank Man was taken the day after the massacre when an unidentified Chinese man stood in front of a column of tanks to prevent them from continuing on Chang’an Avenue on the north edge of Tiananmen Square. When the tanks left the square after being shot, the man suddenly walked in front of the command tank, so that the driver stopped the vehicle. Like all pictures of the massacre, the photo is strictly forbidden in China.

Round 2 of the anonymous hack of the China site shows the Taiwan emblem
(Anonymous image)

The sixth link is simply titled “POOH” and shows scenes of Winnie the Pooh frolicking with his friends Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. The anthropomorphic teddy bear is banned in China because it was used to ridicule CCP chairman Xi Jinping (習近平) because of the resemblance of the obese dictator to the “crumbly little cap filled with fluff.”

Round 2 of the anonymous hack of the China site shows the Taiwan emblem
(Anonymous image)

The seventh image, secretly uploaded to the government website, is a full frame of Taiwan’s national coat of arms known as “Blue Sky with White Sun” (青天 白日 旗). It was adopted in 1928 and can be found in the national flag, the naval jack of the Taiwanese Navy, and is the model for the very similar Kuomintang emblem.

Finally, the hackers added a simple, white page titled “BONUS – Throwback Thursday: Anonymous 2020 Christmas Gift!” which contains two links to hacked pages of the Astrakhan Region Football Association. In the links there are pictures of Russian dissidents, other Taiwan symbols, memes of the Milk Tea Alliance and other symbols of resistance against autocratic regimes.

Round 2 of the anonymous hack of the China site shows the Taiwan emblem
Taiwanese national coat of arms. (Anonymous image)

Anonymous told Taiwan News it failed to include one final statement in the hack: “The internet hate machine hates fascists and rapists!”

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