Russia warns satellite hacking would be an ‘act of war’ after Anonymous claimed it breached space defenses


RUSSIA has warned that hacking its satellites is an act of war after the country’s space agency was reportedly hit by a cyberattack.

Yesterday, hacker group Anonymous claimed they shut down Roscosmos so officials “would no longer have control over their spy satellites.”


Russia has already threatened to drop the ISS on the US and UKPhoto credit: Getty

Russia’s space chief Dmitry Rogozin has denied the agency was breached but sent a chilling message to anyone who might try.

“I would like to warn anyone who tries that it is essentially a crime that should be severely punished,” he told Russian media.

“Because the deactivation of a country’s satellite group is generally a casus belli, that is, a reason to go to war.

“And we will look for those who organized it.

“We will send all the necessary materials to the Federal Security Service, the investigative committee and the Attorney General’s Office so that appropriate criminal proceedings can be opened.”

It comes after Mr Rogozin called Anonymous a group of “scammers and petty scammers”.

He has previously stated that control of Russia’s space industry, orbital group and segment of Russia’s International Space Station is protected from cybercriminals.

Anonymous has previously claimed that it successfully breached over 300 Russian websites and offered troops over $53,000 to surrender their tanks.

Meanwhile, Russia has taken other “tit-for-tat” measures against Western nations in response to the sanctions.

Roskosmos said it will no longer work with Germany on joint experiments on the Russian segment of the ISS.

It has also stopped servicing rocket engines for the US.

And the flags of the US, UK and Japan have been scrubbed by a rocket due to launch on Friday to make it look “nicer”, Mr Rogozin said.

Broadband satellites owned by UK government-backed OneWeb were to be launched with the rocket until Russia demanded assurances that they would not be used by the western military and called for the UK government to be “removed from the list of shareholders”.

However, the company’s board of directors decided to cut ties and suspend all launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Russia removes US, UK and Japanese flags from rocket


Russia removes US, UK and Japanese flags from rocket

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