Sex Education for Fleabag, Five Breakthrough Shows Starring Iconic LGBTQIA + Characters We Can Never Forget



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When filmmakers and networks woke up to the fact that viewers wanted to see television that reflected not only their own lives but the lives of those around them, the type of LGBTQIA + characters and stories we see on television changed massively. Whether it’s a recurring, non-binary character or a same-sex kiss, the explosion of queer representation had brought about more turning points than can be counted. With the increasing visibility of LGBTQIA + people in the mainstream media, the last few days have been blessed with some formidable characters on television who truly remind us that love is love – regardless of gender or sexual orientation!

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Check out these five lively TV series featuring masterfully crafted queer characters who will draw your hearts out with their adorable queer love stories!


Educational classes

on Netflix

When it comes to onscreen sex and relationships,

Educational classes

offers critical representation on a broad front. This coming-of-age dramedy, created by Laurie Nunn, revolves around students in a British secondary school struggling to understand their nascent identities. This show not only portrays homosexual and heterosexual relationships well, but also views asexuality with care and grace. The characters are extremely well developed and the storylines explore sensitive subjects with ease and tenderness. Otis’ gay best friend is our favorite character because of his openness, courage and fabulous sense of style. The new season of the popular series is just around the corner!

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Schitts Creek

on Comedy Central India

A spoiled brat with impeccable personal style and a snappy joke, David Rose is perhaps the most lovable queer character on television. After a dramatic arc of personal development, David’s love story with Patrick moved all of us to tears in no time. Simple, cute, and effortlessly iconic, David and Patrick have definitely redefined the ancient tropes of queer characters with their soulful love story

Schitts Creek.

Not to mention, Moira Rose’s drag avatars also put on the show



on Colors Infinity

Based on the iconic Archie Comics characters, the hit American drama has gained a large queer following over three seasons thanks to its attractive cast, great drama, and acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters. The popular show made history in 2010 with the introduction of Kevin Keller, a healthy boy next door who happened to be the show’s first openly gay character.



on Netflix

Science fiction has the power to push the boundaries of storytelling whenever and however its creators see fit. Sense8 has done this in all important respects. This diverse, LGBTQIA + inclusive story of “sensates” – people who are emotionally and psychologically connected has reinvented the limits of human connection with their out-of-the-box idea. This series is a real triumph for the LGBTQIA + community. Tech-wise, all of the Sense 8 characters are pansexuals, the story of Nomi, a translesbian political blogger and hacktivist, and her friend Amanita offers viewers an amazing couple to fall in love with. In addition, you will fall in love with the plot of Lito and Hernando!

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Flea pouch

on Amazon Prime Video

Created and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also starred in the title role, the series focuses on Fleabag, an angry, depressed and sex-crazy woman who lives in London. The show is characterized by the fact that it breaks through “the fourth wall” on various occasions, where the protagonist speaks into the camera and addresses the audience. On the show’s second season, Fleabag came out as bisexual and received praise from fans for the much-needed bisexual representation on television.


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