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I’m honest i’m going in Sing 2, I hadn’t really seen To sing. I thought I didn’t have to see the original to see the sequel. I was right, of course. Although many of the same characters appear, Sing 2 is pretty much a story of its own. (I looked To sing over the weekend to write this review in full knowledge of the franchise and boy was that a stinker.)

I am happy to report that the animated sequel of the singing animals is a lot better than the first. Which, on the whole, doesn’t say that much. In this the new show palace of the theater-loving koala Buster Moon (McConaughey) becomes a gangster. It was hugely successful, but Buster is Buster, that’s not enough, and when he’s told he’ll never make it in Redshore City (essentially Vegas), Moon brings the old gang back together to travel there to Auditioning for Lupine Jimmy Crystal (Cannavale). They fail, but one of the friends suggests this wild, never written in a million years spec script that they wrote, and Crystal loves it. He tells them to have the show ready for him in three weeks. The gang prepares the show and there is amusement.

Well maybe not Hi-Larity, but you get the point.

Sing 2 is better than the original. I wasn’t actively hate-watching this. Those jukebox music films are all “Let’s cram in as many hits as we can and hope they are songs that everyone will still love as this is released 18 months later.” It’s good. It is useful. The voice acting is good because nobody sleepwalked just through their lines, as is the case in many star-driven animation projects (I’m looking directly at you again, What if…?). I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know it was McConaughey and Johansson as Moon and the punk rock porcupine Ash until I saw the credits. I’m not sure if this is any evidence of her acting ability (it isn’t) or because I didn’t even really want to find out (it was).

Look, does it really matter what I say? Sing 2 Finally? I do not think so. Do you want to know why It’s because you parents are out there with kids at home for the next few weeks, you’re going to be forced to take them with you sometime over the Christmas break. So you just want to know if you’d like to eat something of your own to get out of the theater quicker, right? Rest assured, kids, the adults in your life will not want you to eat.

At least not this time.



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