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Developing business quickly and increasing sales are real challenges for small businesses that rarely have the time, resources, and budget to launch large marketing campaigns.

Invented by Sean Ellis in 2010 and originally intended for American startups, growth hacking aims to generate rapid growth with few resources.

The Growth Hacker maximizes each phase of the tunnel conversion matrix AARR (Acquisition – Activating – Retention – Referral – Revenue) in order to accelerate and increase this growth.

Although a good growth hack should be able to understand and analyze consumer behavior, be curious and creative, the methods are varied and unique to each growth hacker’s personality.

Hence, these tips are not simple formulas adopted by hacks. The point is to incorporate some concrete measures that have proven to be coherent.

In the Acquisition During the conversion funnel phase, the goal is to generate traffic to your website by diversifying your communications.

  • Create a blog and post articles on relevant topics.
  • Republish your articles on social networks
  • Forward your articles to influential bloggers and encourage them to share them.
  • Chat on blogs and specialist forums, especially on Twitter.

In the activation you need to convert your site visitors.

  • Create quality content that isn’t too expensive.
  • Offer freemium services to create an initial user experience.
  • Maximize your conversion options, for example by practicing A / B tests.
  • Use retargeting to get your website visitors to act.

in the Retention and income Phase, you need to encourage users to return to your offering.

  • Send messages, including personalized offers.
  • Ask for customer feedback.
  • Submit interesting customer cases
  • Restart your old customers

In the final referral phase, you need to encourage your consumers to become your ambassadors.

  • Offer them a sponsorship and reward them.
  • Ask your customers for a recommendation.
  • Give them the opportunity to share their purchase using a social button.

Above all, growth hacking is an experience-based marketing method. “Growth hacking is experiment driven marketing,” says Sean Ellis. But it’s also a mindset to stand out and move forward quickly.

If you follow these growth hacking techniques, you will need to spend a lot of money and time on ineffective marketing strategies. These few simple steps can have a noticeable impact on how your business grows.


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