Sophos explains how to break a hacker’s heart and ruin his day


Hackers thrive on power. They seek power over chaos, power over data, power over people, and power over organizations. As a result, their actions can bring down businesses, infrastructures, and even entire countries.

But what if they couldn’t do any of these things anymore? What if the “hacker” was put on a list of endangered species? What if there was a way to ruin a hacker’s day so he wouldn’t even want to deal with an attack?

It’s a tempting idea for anyone involved in cyber defense, as defenders find it difficult to protect their businesses in an ever-evolving threat landscape – especially when few have enough skilled people to do the job.

Cyber ​​security firms like Sophos are at the forefront of the cyber defense army. And Sophos believes there is a way to break a hacker’s heart and ruin their day.

According to Sophos’ Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan (2nd Edition), companies in the region feel that their cybersecurity is mature. Nevertheless, more than half (56%) of 900 companies surveyed are affected by a cyber attack.

While some companies keep security functions in-house, many companies use a mixed model of internal and external security providers. The report found that between 2019 and 2023, all areas of cybersecurity management will move towards a blended or outsourced model. This includes reporting and testing as well as incident response, investigation and resolution.

These processes help understand why an attack occurred, but the real magic lies in prevention. Understanding the threats is always worthwhile in order to understand the people behind those threats and what they are trying to achieve.

Take a virtual tour of the steps you need to take to spoil a hacker’s day using deep learning and more. You will learn how to find the most dangerous threats to business and get an overview of the latest cybersecurity news. You will also learn practical methods with which your company can defend against targeted, coordinated attacks.

Register for the Sophos webinar Break a Hacker’s Heart. It is available upon request so that you can view it at a time that suits you.

The webinar covers the following points:

  • Deconstructing the threat landscape – a view of the worst cybersecurity threats at the SophosLabs level
  • Start the Clock – What a hacker can do in 3 hours
  • Speed, scalability and agility in the age of ransomware with guest speaker Gerry Chng – Emerging areas beyond the procedural hygiene factors that companies can take advantage of
  • Prevention is ideal, but detection is a must – a thorough Sophos Central demonstration.

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