SPORTS DIARY: Michael Duberry opens up on infamous Leeds nightclub scandal



A recent interview with former Chelsea and Leeds defender Michael Duberry may have made listening to the FA uncomfortable.

The 45-year-old has opened up about the scandal that enveloped the Yorkshire club following the infamous crash outside a Leeds nightclub in 2000 that left an Asian student seriously injured – and has spoke openly about the role Acting FA President Peter McCormick played in the thoroughly murky affair.

Duberry, later accused of perverting the course of justice, told the Undr The Cosh podcast that he explained to his lawyer that the version of events he gave to the police included proposed lies to protect his lawyer. teammate Jonathan Woodgate.

Former Leeds United defender Michael Duberry opened up about the infamous Leeds nightclub scandal in 2000 which seriously injured an Asian student.

“The police left me my statement and told me to think about whether I wanted to change it. I watched my attorney say, “I can’t sign this, these are lies,” said Duberry, who then told the court McCormick advised him to stick to the statement. McCormick denied at trial that he told Duberry to lie.

Following a retrial, Woodgate was convicted of brawl and given a 200-hour community order, while former midfielder Lee Bowyer was cleared. Duberry was found not guilty at the initial trial.

McCormick was then charged with professional misconduct. He was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors after the National Civil Rights Movement claimed he acted with a conflict of interest in representing certain actors at the start of the proceedings when he was administrator of Leeds.

Duberry has spoken openly about the role played by Acting FA Chairman Peter McCormick in the case

Duberry has spoken openly about the role of Acting FA Chairman Peter McCormick in the case

Premier League gears up for neutral venues

The Premier League has sent their clubs draft contracts to use in the unlikely event that neutral venues come into play later this season. A document titled ‘Accommodation Agreement’ states that clubs whose pitches are used will receive £ 80,000 plus VAT from the competition.

City flight at all levels

While Saturday’s 5-0 cruise past Burnley was welcome at Manchester City, a result earlier today was seen as significant in the halls of power at the Etihad. City’s Under-23s won 7-2 over rivals Liverpool in Premier League 2 – although the Merseysiders remain at the top of the table.

Monye goes upstairs for a key role at BT

Ugo Monye, ​​a highly regarded rugby analyst, holds a management position at BT Sport.

The former England and Harlequins wing will occupy a position of talent representation and assist in major decisions of the network.

Given Monye’s playing history in a fractured and politically unstable sport, he could prove to be an instant success as BT Sport, alongside Sky Sports, continues to be criticized by Premier League sides in Europe, who are angry with this season’s TV lineup.

Many of BT’s production staff are making sure Amazon is able to get its Premier League coverage on the air and are frustrated that the US giant isn’t facing the same criticism.

Highly regarded rugby analyst Ugo Monye takes a leadership role at BT Sport

Highly regarded rugby analyst Ugo Monye takes a leadership role at BT Sport

BEEB show hits new low

The Abysmal Radio 5 Live The Squad program, which fills an hour on Sunday morning with ‘jokes’ as part of the BBC’s ridiculous obsession with attracting younger audiences, asked listeners on Sunday:’ Which footballer would be who. musical instrument and why ”, before focusing on the death of Diego Maradona.

Host Nick Bright introduced the topic by noting that “some of the biggest names in sport, not just football, have paid tribute to Pelé, Johan Cruyff, Usain Bolt …” Like many former BBC journalists, purged to make way for such guffs, might have pointed out, Cruyff died in 2016.

Indeed, the error did not escape Dino Sofos, editor-in-chief of BBC News Podcasts, who tweeted: “Sports journalists on radio talk about Johan Cruyff’s tribute to Maradona”, above ‘a photo of specialist Chris Kamara and his punchline, “Amazing Jeff!”

Former Australian cyclist Rochelle Gilmore, who describes herself as a BBC presenter and commentator, sparked fury on Friday night when she tweeted that “our #indian friends” had taken a golf club past the window of the his brother’s car. Former British team gold medalist Callum Skinner was among those who took offense, tweeting his outrage at the words of the former Commonwealth Games champion.

The BBC was forced to delete a tweet claiming to have commented live on the second T20 international between South Africa and England on 5 Live Sports Extra when in fact talkSPORT 2 had the rights to it.

McClaren’s return to the Derby becomes a family affair

Steve McClaren’s return to Derby County for the fifth time last week, to support interim manager Wayne Rooney as technical director, promises to be a family affair.

Joe McClaren, son of the former England manager, is the club’s hiring manager, although his responsibility only extends to signing players rather than hiring technical staff. Young McClaren previously worked for his father as a recruiter at FC Twente.

Steve McClaren's return to County Derby for the fifth time last week promises to be a family affair

Steve McClaren’s return to County Derby for the fifth time last week promises to be a family affair

Hammers get into the festive spirit

West Ham could never be accused of failing to take every penny from its long-standing support.

The Big Heart Hammers are having a sale, just in time for Christmas, in their club’s online store. Among the items to be won is a half-price action photo of Patrice Evra – yours for £ 2.50.

To be fair, it could best be described as a collector’s item, given the Frenchman has only started three games for the club, each ending in a 4-1 sticking.

British Olympic Association balances the books

As Olympic agency UK Sport perspires over government funding decisions, it can take comfort in the fact that the British Olympic Association is in a healthy financial position despite the pandemic delaying the Games by a year.

The BOA’s accounts for 2019 – due for release this week – show a net profit of £ 2.2million. Remarkably, further profit is expected in 2020 before a loss of over £ 3million in 2021, due to the cost of transporting the team to Tokyo.

General manager Andy Anson said he was “99.9% sure the Games would take place” and that it would avoid the worst-case scenario for FOB – the event being canceled at the 11th hour.

UK Sport, with funding running until March, is expected to learn this week what will happen in the next four-year cycle.

FOB in a healthy financial position despite pandemic delaying Games by a year

FOB is in a healthy financial position despite pandemic delaying Games by a year

Sky announces the kick-off of the big rugby league

Sky Sports’ enormous influence on the rugby league can be seen in the 2021 Super League season start date, confirmed last week to March 11.

Super League clubs had wanted to start two weeks later to give players more time to recover from the 2020 marathon season, which only ended with the Grand Final on Friday, but Sky persuaded the board to bring forward the big kick-off.

The broadcaster was eager to get access to Super League games ahead of the first international football break of the year, which runs from March 22-30.

Sky’s Super League contract expires at the end of next season but, as Sportsmail revealed last week, they are set to close another three-year deal.

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