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From ransomware attacks on meat producer JBL to attempted hacking of a water facility in Florida, cyberattacks continue to increase – and at an alarming rate. According to Armis, there are around 7 attempted cyberattacks on US interests every hour – from government agencies to corporations. Unfortunately, many Americans are aware not only of the risks of an attack, but also of the long-term effects if such hacks were successful.

Armis researchers found that about 21% of those surveyed about major cyberattacks had never heard of the attempted hack on the Colonial Pipeline, and that nearly half (45%) were unaware of the attempted hacking of the Florida water supply. In addition, those who did know didn’t necessarily believe that these attacks could have long-term effects – such as rising costs for fuel, food, and water.

“The attacks on our critical infrastructure are clear evidence of the need for cybersecurity and security for all of our utilities and stakeholders,” said Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis. “It is also an unfortunate example of the tremendous vulnerability of aging infrastructure that is directly or indirectly connected to the Internet. Organizations need to be able to know what they’re doing, track behavior, identify threats, and take immediate action to protect ”the security of their operations. These data show that consumers are paying less attention to these attacks than we might expect and that the responsibility for ensuring their defenses rests with businesses. ”

Other interesting findings from the Armis report are:

• 63% of healthcare providers have reported security incidents related to unmanaged IoT devices since 2020, but 60% of healthcare workers do not believe their personal devices pose a security risk to their employer
• 71% of workers say they will bring equipment to work from home after Covid
• 54% say that personal devices do not pose a safety risk to their employer / organization

More data from Armis’ State of Enterprise IoT Security report can be found here.

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