The Apex Legends x Titanfall hacking situation has really become respawn


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It’s been a strange weekend in the world of Apex legends. On Sunday, players discovered that playlists and notifications were in-game hacked by hackers who didn’t like different hacker-special, apex Hackers at Arms on the hack-powered plight of Titan Fall, one of the previous games from developer Respawn. It was a bold effort, but now Respawn says it didn’t really make any difference.

Yesterday on Twitter, Respawn Communications Director Ryan Rigney burdened the last Apex legends chops, acknowledge that Titan Fall has a problem with DDoS attacks but states that Respawn has already identified the problem and is working on it. According to Rigney, the hacks only forced developers to work overtime.

“Nobody wants developers to complain when DDoS attacks are still a problem we haven’t resolved,” Rigney wrote. “I was holding my newborn nephew when I found out about this apex chop. Had to return it, go to work and miss a family day. “

Rigney pointed out two specific previous cases of respawn that publicly said it was working to address Titan Fall‘s problems in both Can and June.

“The problem is not awareness,” he wrote. “DDoSing in particular is just a difficult problem to solve. Very hard.”

DDoS attacks are by no means just a respawn problem. In recent years, the tools and methods underlying these attacks, which aim to overload the servers, have become more sophisticated – but also more accessible to ordinary people. Large companies regularly struggle to ward off DDoS attacks, even if they are prepared for it. And if not? “If there are no countermeasures in place, it is very difficult to restore the functionality of the servers until the attacker decides to ease the pressure,” said Dan Shugrue, director of product marketing at cloud service provider Akamai Technologies Kotaku as part of a report on DDoS attacks in 2014.

In this case, trying to remove a hack with a hack was like trying to remove a nail from the foot with a larger nail. If anything, it slowed progress in the main. That said, it’s not hard to see why players feel this strongly. Large companies have a habit of let older online games languish after new successes rob them of their shine, and apex eclipsed Titan Fall– at least in terms of respawn’s priorities – a long time ago.

However, Rigney found that the beloved mech shooter was not being abandoned.

“The team never stopped working on DDoS solutions, and anti-cheat is just a never-ending war against a mole,” he wrote. “We are on the DDoS front become solve this. If we do, I promise you it’s not because hackers “alerted” us by ruining a vacation. You have achieved nothing of value. “


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