The best companies that pay their employees in Bitcoin


These are the best companies that pay their employees in Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency market has continued to thrive despite the global pandemic causing adverse conditions in the global economic market. Several startups have emerged in the crypto market to meet the ever increasing demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Over the years, the value of Bitcoin has increased significantly. This has led several companies to accept this crypto as a legitimate means of payment and transactions. Recently, many companies have also started paying their employees in Bitcoin. Usually, the crypto companies that make their coins pay their employees in their local coin; therefore, it is not unexpected.

Let’s take a look at some of the best companies that pay their employees in Bitcoin.

• GMO group

GMO Internet Group focuses on the development of Internet infrastructure, online advertising, media, Internet finance, and cryptocurrencies. GMO partners with sophisticated institutions, financial intermediaries and families to provide innovative solutions to meet customer demands.

Last year, GMO said its employees would start receiving Bitcoin payments. This initiative was taken to develop and promote cryptocurrencies. The offer was available to 4,000 employees at GMO’s headquarters in Japan.

• I AM

Currently known as OpenWeb, Spot.IM aims to democratize and improve online conversations. The platform uses AI and machine learning to promote healthy dialogue, reduce toxicity, and improve engagement between different communities.

The company has opened its own cryptocurrency exchange where the monthly salaries of all employees will be converted to BTC and sent to employees’ digital accounts. It considers the average of the highest and lowest Bitcoin values ​​on the day of transfer so that market volatility does not affect payments.

• SC5

SC5 is a Finnish internet technology company that develops applications, software and other related services. The company performs technical assessments and migration assessments. He also creates and implements concepts and solutions from ideation to post-analysis. SC5 has started paying its employees in Bitcoin since 2013.

• Fairlay

Fairlay is a Bitcoin prediction / bet marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2013, the company aims to provide reliable information to everyone. Previously, most of his predictions revolved around sports. But with the development and progress of the business, it has made crypto predictions and provides one of the most popular crypto betting platforms.

Since Fairlay is a crypto exchange, it has been paying its employees in Bitcoin for a long time.

• io

Founded in 2014, is a website that provides its users with unused Amazon gift cards and also allows its users to purchase products from Amazon on crypto. pays its employees in Bitcoin Cash. This service aims to make cryptography more useful. The wallet allows its users to name their discounts when purchasing any product on Amazon. It connects buyers who want to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin.

• Bitwage

Bitwage aims to create solutions for businesses and their employees by providing services such as payroll, invoicing and digital assets. Since its launch in 2013, more than 5,000 skilled employees have requested the service that pays in Bitcoin on Coinality. Bitwage allows wages to be converted from fiat currency to cryptocurrency and this service is currently available to all employees in the UK, US and Europe.

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