The Secretary of Defense plans to enter the tourism industry


The Secretary of Defense (Sedena) is working to create a new airline that will provide passenger and cargo transportation services with a fleet of 10 leased aircraft. It also plans to create a tourism company that will manage three hotels, two museums and two ecological parks.

The projects are sponsored by Olmeca-Maya-Mexica Airport, Railway and Auxiliary Services Group (GAFSAOMM), a public company formed by Sedena to operate Felipe Ángeles airports in the state of Mexico; Tulum and Chetumal in Quintana Roo; Palenque in Chiapas and the Mayan train in the southeast of the country.

The information was obtained after a search of more than four million Sedena emails provided by the group of hacktivists known as “Guacamaya”, who managed to break into Sedena’s information system and the institution’s emails, as well as others Latin American forces massively filter forces like those of Chile, El Salvador, Peru and Colombia.

The project of the new Sedena companies is detailed in emails sent from the group’s institutional account to members of the same company, as well as to officials at the Treasury Department, Banjercito, and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency.

According to the revised information, the new public airline could have annual operating and administrative costs of between 1 billion and 1.8 billion pesos. The cost depends on the chosen aircraft model, which can be Airbus A320, Boeing 737 or ATR-72.

The Sedena analyzed the possibility of using the presidential plane commercially via a public airline, but this option is being considered with a “high risk of achieving deficit results”. In order to make a profit, the plane would have to be rented for 500,000 pesos per flight hour. The current president of Mexico has been trying to find a buyer for the presidential plane, a plane he believes is too luxurious and too expensive for taxpayers. The President opts for commercial travel.

In his analysis, Sedena ruled out any commercial use of the presidential aircraft and suggests military use, which would consist of humanitarian aid flights, domestic and international study trips, transfers from consular and diplomatic missions, and transport of sports delegations, among other things.

“That the aircraft is part of the Mexican Air Force’s fleet, where it receives a military contract to allocate substantial activities to the Sedena and the federal government,” the document said.

According to the information, the Olmeca Maya Mexica Group faces a legal problem: it cannot have an airport and airline concession at the same time. They intend to solve this by reforming the provisions of the airport law without going through the legislature.

The new tourism company joining the group will be called Servicios Turísticos Itzamná, SA de CV and will operate the hotel developments Nuevo Uxmal, Plan de San Luis and four eco-hotels that will be distributed in the Mayan train stations.

The operator will oversee La Plancha and Jaguar National Parks, as well as Tulum’s Mammoth and Underwater Museums. It is specified in detail that the company’s management and each area that integrates it must have a military member in senior positions. The rest of the staff will be retired military or civilians.

“In order to direct the company, it is proposed that each of its units be headed by a military administrator who will be responsible for control, operations and accounting,” the surviving documents outline.

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