TikTok finds this simple microwave popcorn hack totally mind-blowing


The trick is simple. Take a bag of popcorn and microwave it as directed, then pick up the cracked bag and look for the slot where steam has escaped. Grab the bag (without burning yourself), turn it slit side down, and shake all those pesky unbroken kernels into a container like a bowl. The pouch acts much like a colander and has allowed you to avoid the unbroken kernels (via TikTok).

A number of people seemed blown – or at least looted – by this insightful hack. “I showed this to my 62-year-old colleague and it blew him away,” noted one commentator. “I have a feeling that if I learn from you, I should be paying tuition,” replied one seemingly impressed viewer. “My husband is just doing a tutorial for life,” explained someone else. Some people even joked that TikTok could teach them that they’ve been breathing incorrectly all their lives.

Commenter Purple Nurple was less enthusiastic, however, arguing, “The unbroken kernels will fall to the bottom of the bowl anyway, so that’s a waste of time.” Some users pointed out that the slot in the pocket is used to let air out, but that doesn’t mean this hack won’t work. User Brionna Elizabeth El said she “tried it today and it works, maybe not what it is for, but it works perfectly lol.”


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