Travelers ‘morbid’ Giza travel hack is dividing the internet


Awesome travel hack to watch Giza Pyramids, according to travel blogger Kimmie Conner

We all know that it is bad to climb the pyramids of Egypt illegally. But what about the food from KFC in sight of them?

Speaking of such a hot topic … Travel blogger Kimmie Conner went viral with a winking video recorded in Giza.

The video? She recently shared a Giza travel hack on her TikTok account that shows you how to see the ancient pyramids in an uncrowded setting and with a good view. Oh, and “just buying a burger is way cheaper than getting to some of the other lookouts and is way cheaper than paying taxis or camels,” she says.

Conner calls it the “most ridiculous Giza pyramid hack you will ever hear,” explains Conner: “There is a pizza hut and a KFC in front of the exit with this view. Would you believe that you actually have a view from above … you go in and order a shitty meal; go upstairs.”

“Sure there are other roofs, but this one is completely empty and you have everything to yourself.”

She also claims it is: “One of the most central restaurants in Giza” and recommends that you “save expensive restaurants for sunset and [save some] French fries to run around. “

“You are welcome.”

Conner isn’t the first person to notice KFC Giza’s epic point of view, with a Redditor posting on the r / pics forum three years ago claimed to have had “the best KFC meal of my life” accompanied by a photo of their meal in the foreground and the pyramids in the background. The post sparked a debate similar to that of Conner’s TikTok video.

Image source: Reddit user: u / bkobayashi

Conner’s light-hearted video was taken seriously by some social media users who were furious that 4,540 years of history could be viewed with a zinger in one hand and chips in the other.

A TikTok account from Daily Inspiration (@repurposeyou) said, “I’m sick of the fact that they have KFC and a Pizza Hut, like there isn’t any other food to choose from.” Same user then clarified, “It wasn’t against you! Lol, I’m talking about why the destination couldn’t have better food. “

Conner responded by saying, “I only picked one random comment to give the answer, but there were tons of it”. [comments slamming her choice to eat KFC in Giza]. “

If you look at their original video, the polarizing nature of KFC’s food in Giza becomes clear. Some thought it was hilarious and said she should have spent more time on the fries (and less on “those triangles”) and others criticized her choice and how productive KFC has become.

“So you’re telling me you’re going to Egypt to eat KFC? Why girls? ”Wrote one TikTok user.

Others were more polite. One wrote, “Travel hack of the highest order.” Another shared a travel hack of his own, saying that a KFC in Barcelona has a great view of the Sagrada Familia.

Another said they used to go to local restaurants for breakfast or lunch, but “oh, I’d waste so much time”.

Conner’s video has now gone viral and many major news sites around the world have been reporting on it in the past few days.

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