Warzone players want simple features in the game to avoid hackers


The Warzone community has been hit by hackers for quite some time, but Call of Duty players think adding an in-game blocking feature will help keep hackers away.

Unfortunately, hacking is no stranger to the streets of Verdansk as scammers do all sorts of things such as ruining games or using unreleased skins.

Despite all the complaints, the developers have made slow progress in eliminating these scammers.

While the players are patiently waiting for Vanguard’s Anti-Cheat to be integrated into Warzone, the community has come up with a feature that will help with the hacking problem.

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Warzone players suggest adding an in-game block feature to help against hackers.

Warzone players suggest an in-game blocking feature to avoid hackers

While there is no official anti-cheat, a good way for players to stay away from hackers is to block them. While this isn’t the most ideal way to clean up the streets, it is the easiest method that players have.

However, this Reddit post by ‘mugs_sgum’ suggests that Raven Software should add an in-game block button so that players can take immediate care of encountering a cheater.

Does anyone else feel this way? by CODWarzone

Currently, players who want to block someone will have to leave the game they are in. After that, you need to access the Recent Players tab, find the scammer and then block them.

By adding this feature to the game, fans will no longer be able to go through the hassle of browsing past players. Plus, you don’t have to remember her name anymore.

One Redditor really liked this idea and said, “Mainly because they don’t always update right away and you have to wait 5 minutes for their name to load.” Gamers think this could be of great help as it may take a while for this tab to update.

While Vanguard is about a month away and integration will follow soon, this could be just one of many changes coming into Warzone to prevent in-game hacking.


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