What is Script Kiddy (or Script Kiddie)?


Script Kiddy (sometimes spelled kiddie) is a derogatory term, created by the more sophisticated crackers of computer security systems for the less sophisticated, but unfortunately often just as dangerous, exploiters of security flaws on the Internet. The typical script kiddy uses existing and often well-known and easy-to-find techniques and programs or scripts Finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in other computers on the Internet – often arbitrarily and without considering or perhaps even understanding the potentially harmful consequences. Hackers view script kiddies with concern and contempt for doing nothing to advance the “art” of hacking but, rather, sometimes unleashing the wrath of authority on the entire hacking community.

While a hacker takes pride in the quality of an attack – leaving no trace of an intrusion, for example – a script kiddy can target quantity as they see the number of attacks as a way of getting attention and notoriety. Script kiddies are sometimes portrayed in the media as bored, lonely teenagers seeking approval from their peers.

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