What Makes Hacking Your Account Easy? Your short and sweet password!


Yes, we all struggle to keep up with our “updated” password!

But it could just be the difference between being hacked and having a secure account.

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The best you can do is just write it down somewhere else or even save it as a cell phone number with a “special name” for it.

Cybersecurity company Hive Systems recently shared data showing how long it takes hackers to crack your password.

Are you the sentimental “date of birth” password type?

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If you are, their report shows that an eight-character password — containing numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols — can be cracked by the average hacker in five hours.

So delete ‘19910330L!’ – It’s not a good idea.

If your password is shorter than the above, you might as well give the hacker your account!

Hive shared a helpful chart with data based on how long it would take a consumer budget hacker to crack your password.

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Check out what the cybersecurity company says works best:

As you can see, 12 characters – with numbers and upper and lower case letters – is the way to go! You just have to spice it up.

Since everything is in the cloud these days, account security is very important.

In a nutshell it won’t make it.

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