Who invented Bitcoin? Kleiman versus. Wright walks to the betting boards


If you aren’t following the cryptocurrency market closely, you are missing out.

And not just on investment opportunities, legal online sports betting deposits and all that good stuff either.

No you missed some real hollywood style from the golden era plot.

Megalomania, industrial espionage, market sabotage, hackers, slackers, good guys, bad guys, prodigal sons, crooks, spammers, clowns, kings, sinners, saints, angels, demons, everything, nothing, and all the way back.

In other words, the works.

Earlier this week, we wrote about the mystery that is Bitcoin SV.

But we mentioned that there is a much bigger mystery in the world of crypto:

Satoshi Nakamoto.

This person – or group of people – invented Bitcoin (BTC).

they invented new money.

Whoever or whatever Satoshi Nakamoto has changed the world in a profoundly meaningful way – and in a way that is far to be fully realized.

Bitcoin – and all of its decentralized crypto coins and derivative blockchain platforms – is the future of commerce.

And that means it’s the future of all.

So while we can’t tell you who is behind BTC (we have our own theories), we can tell you there’s an upcoming court case – scheduled for Nov. 1 in Florida – that could peel a layer of onion.

Or, conversely, it could add another layer to the thing.

As a preface, consider the following ratings from Bovada Sportsbook, from all places (support us):

Kleiman vs Wright odds

Outcome of Ira Kleiman vs. Craig Wright lawsuit

  • Craig Wright wins -130
  • Ira Kleiman earns and receives less than a billion dollars +140
  • Ira Kleiman wins and receives over $ 1 billion +350

Will the Kleiman v Wright case end in a void trial?

So, WTAF, right?

The full bottom, we fear, will require a few strong drinks and several hours where you can make your way down the rabbit hole.

The short version is as follows (scratched from the longer version here):

In 2018, Ira Kleiman – on behalf of the estate of her late brother David – filed a lawsuit against Craig Wright.

The lawsuit claims that David Kleiman was – along with Wright – the co-creator of Bitcoin, the couple who developed and released the BTC platform under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

According to the lawsuit, Kleiman alleged that Wright, after the death of his former “best friend” David,

“concocted a scheme to claim sole ownership of all Bitcoins owned by Kleiman [and] to steal Kleiman’s share of the intellectual property assets that were jointly owned by Kleiman and Wright through [W&K Defense Research LLC, a Florida limited liability company]. “

Stake? Over 1.1 million Bitcoin.

As of this writing, this 1.1 million Bitcoin – allegedly owned by Wright – has a current market valuation of just under $ 52 billion.

At the recent historic high of BTC, of ​​course, those 1.1 million BTCs were worth around $ 68.2 billion.

Kleiman is suing Wright for half, “plus interest” (whatever that means).

Kleiman’s story of exactly How? ‘Or’ What Wright has manipulated his way into sole custody of the late Kleiman’s Bitcoin keys is – as mentioned – something that countless books and films will likely cover for years to come.

It’s fishy, ​​that’s for sure.

But that may not be true.

It could just as easily be libel or a seizure of money, and there is simply no way to know it.

(To note: the mantra of the crypto community – “not your keys, not your coins” – is definitely something to consider here. If the case proves Kleiman right, that old chestnut tree could be in need of a serious overhaul.)

But all that aside, the lawsuit – to rule in Kleiman’s favor – probably should officially and legally designate the Kleiman-Wright tandem as true inventors of Bitcoin.

This, more than the case itself, is a huge controversy.

Over the past decade, Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity has been the subject of heated debate.

Countless hodlers have their theories, and there is simply no way of knowing exactly who is responsible for the phenomenon.

At least, not until the identity of the very first owner of the BTC address is revealed.

For his part, Wright claims that he – and he alone – is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Of course, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, like pretty much everyone else, thinks Wright is a “fraud” and rejects its claims.

It doesn’t help that Wright is – aside from this problem – controversial in other manners.

For example, he was instrumental in the creation of Bitcoin SV, a fork of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain which stands for “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision”.

As we wrote earlier, Bitcoin SV has been removed from all major US stock exchanges. And although it is a legitimate cryptocurrency, it is the most controversial crypto asset on the market today.

Now we know it’s a Friday afternoon, and you probably have better things to do than spend your weekend in a deep dive on this (like, say, bet on week 2 of the 2021 season). the NFL), then we’re going to close this preview of Kleiman v. Wright with another association.

Craig Wright’s biggest defender is Calvin Ayre.

Calvin Ayre is the reason Bovada exists.

Cavin Ayre is online game.

And maybe – just maybe – Calvin Ayre is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Again, maybe not.



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