Who is Erik Finman with? Bitcoin millionaire challenges Big Tech with Freedom Phone


Erik Finman, the self-proclaimed “Bitcoin millionaire”, made headlines again with the debut of the Freedom Phone. He says the gadget is completely unfiltered and emphasizes the need for “freedom of speech and privacy first”.

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular as a means for teens to get digital money quickly. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, was recently warned by the hacktivist group Anonymous about controlling cryptocurrency as the billionaire’s tweets determined the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Rapidly Reusable Rockets.


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Erik Finman’s phone is intended to “create a world in which big tech does not forbid unrestricted communication,” the company said. Finman became a millionaire before he turned 18. Here’s what we know about who he’s with.

Who is Erik Finman with?

Little is known about ErikFinman’s personal life as he prefers to keep his personal and love life private. Currently, however, it appears that the Bitcoin millionaire is single, according to Dating Celebs. The 22-year-old has already been in at least one relationship, the website says, citing Celebs Couples.

Entertainment website MD Daily Record reports that Finman “doesn’t have time to date”. According to the Times, Finman has dated a Catherine Moolenschot, but details about her are not available. There is no additional information on Finman’s personal life or dating preferences.

Finman’s history of minting money is unique. In May 2011, when Finman was only 12, his parents made a bet with him that if he became a millionaire before his 18th birthday, he wouldn’t have to go to college. To prove himself, Finman took 1000 euros from his grandmother, which had been kept for his education, and invested them in Bitcoin at 10 euros each.

Finman became a millionaire and won the bet with his parents before he was 18 years old. He made headlines in 2014 when he was only 16 years old. Since then, Finman has been trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “I really didn’t like high school. People didn’t really understand what I wanted, what I was looking for or what I was dreaming of. I had a teacher who said, yes, drop out, work at McDonald’s, there I’ll never get out in my life, “he said in an interview with Business of Business.

He told the news agency that he was now “tired of crypto”. “I’m sick of being the bitcoin person. If I heard the word ‘bitcoin’ again, I’d hit my head against a wall,” he said. “I care a lot more about building than just trading numbers on a screen,” he added.

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