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Thiruvananthapuram: In Kadakkal, Kollam, a woman was hacked to death in front of her nine year old son. Jincy, 27, is the deceased. Police arrested her 28-year-old husband Deepu after the incident.
According to the police, the alleged crime took place at around 5 pm on Saturday in their new home “Ayodhya” in Mevanakonam, below the boundaries of the Kadakkal police station. The house was owned by Jincy and it had only been six months since they started living there. The couple had been separated for a month due to marital problems. While Jincy lived in the new house with her older son, Deepu lived with her younger daughter at the age of four with his ancestor in Cherukulam.
Kadakkal station house inspector VS Rajesh said Deepu surrendered to police after committing the crime. He told the police that Jincy suspected him of infidelity and that this had often given way to arguments between the couples. He left home a month ago after a similar argument. On Saturday he visited Jincy’s house. They soon broke out into an argument in which he hacked them with a machete he carried on him.
“He told us he brought the machete to scare them, but he used it to attack them when his anger got rampant,” the inspector said, adding that the police had not ruled out the possibility of the murder be deliberate. Deepu was a dump truck driver. Jincy worked in a cashew factory under the Cashew Development Board at Parippally.

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